To maintain smooth and suitable driving conditions your vehicle’s wheels must align correctly. Wheel alignment, tire balancing, and rotation contribute to a longer lifespan for your tires and increase the overall safety of your vehicle. If your vehicle is correctly aligned it may also improve your vehicle’s performance and increase fuel economy. Wheel Tec offers quality wheel alignment and vehicle repair services at unbeatable prices!

When are wheel alignment services recommended?

We Recommend wheel alignment services at the time brand new tires are set up, or during your routine tire rotation.

What are signs to look out for indicating I need wheel alignment services?

Wheels may have to be aligned if:

  • Tire tread is wearing unevenly
  • Experience vibration when turning
  • Steering wheel does not sit straight when driving on a straight roadway
  • Steering wheel pulls to the left or right

During your alignment service, our Wheel Tec experts will…

  • Compare your vehicle’s tire alignment to manufacturer guidelines
  • Examine steering and suspension components
  • Inspect tires for size, inflation, and wear



Fitment Lookup

Fitment Lookup