A suspension that is working correctly will result in smoother and more controlled driving conditions. At Wheel Tec, we offer unbeatable prices for your suspension needs. 

What is a suspension? The steering and suspension system offers safe and controlled driving conditions by supporting the weight of your vehicle, it also maintains and steadies the tires on the road while driving.

When is it time for service? To prevent unnecessary suspension repairs the steering and suspension system must be checked at least once a year. The following are indicators that may require a service visit:

  • Pulling to the side while driving
  • Difficulty steering
  • Difficulty driving on uneven roads or dips
  • After going over a bump vehicle continues to bounce
  • Tires shake or stray
  • Steering appears to be slipping

Aside from examining your steering and suspension, our Wheel Tec technician will also evaluate:

  • Tightness of nuts and bolts
  • Torn or used power steering belts
  • Uneven tires or wear
  • Unbalanced wheels
  • Check potential problems with alignment
  • Check steering wheel alignment
  • Check power steering fluid
  • Impacts and/or Struts
  • Check tire balance to ensure any complications are not due to tires



Fitment Lookup

Fitment Lookup